AT the year of 2005 we started the production of building materials and related items, trying to reach the concept of High Quality can be produced by reasonable prices. reaching this year with a good experience in this industry, including the Stainless steel Stay Arms, handles, rollers, structural tape, and glazing tape. we provide a variety of Accessories related to the field, Our market is basically the G.C.C Countries and some other countries in Africa and Middle East, Looking in this market for the stability of high quality as well as the development of business relation and products, and finaly the expanding in the Global market.

And as we would like to venture business relation throughout GCC, we expanded our company and providing these services with our International location.

Production Facility in Bulgari
Plastic Factory in Jordan
Stainless Steel and tape factory in China
Building Materials Factory in Turkey
Managing our Offices & Stores in UAE
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